Looking for reliable CNC machining services in Ontario? We’re here to make your work simple. We have gained a remarkable position in the industry of machining services. We are backed up with qualified staff, the latest technology tools, and machines that offer satisfaction to our clients. Our wide range of collection is capable to offer a variety of services to our customers.

Diego’s welding & Fabrication INC has a wide range of precision machining services available. Our state-of-art CNC turning & milling machines deliver the standard quality parts on-time. As a part of our metal fabrication process, we will machine parts as per your blueprint specifications and surface finishes require. Our machining process includes producing a feasible solution that matches your needs. 

Diego’s is a one-stop destination for machining. We will help you in eliminating the need for any kind of involvement of additional PO’s, transportation to other vendors, or coordination. We will ensure to meet all your specifications in detail. If you are looking to painting your CNC machining parts, we will outsource it for you, and then fully assemble and produce your final project. 

We are Ontario-based welding, fabrication, and machining service providers with more than 7 years of experience. We offer a custom range of CNC Machining services for small, medium & large industries. 

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