At Diego’s Fabrication and Welding Inc., we do metal fabrication from scratch. Our capabilities are perfect for all kinds of customers including businesses and homeowners. With more than 7 years of experience, we can handle your project right from concept to completion with high-standard fabrication services. 

We are specialized in providing custom-made metal fabrication services. We have a solution for a variety of precision metal fabrication needs. We offer quick, reliable, and affordable services to fit your metal fabrication needs. Whether it’s a small sheet or large metal fabrication, Diego’s fabrication always ensures to offer quality and trusted services. 

As a fully operating metal fabrication company, we supply all metal products. Our fabrication services include value-added services combined with effective design, cutting, welding, testing, and fitting. 

We are a one-stop destination for all fabrication works where you can find all types of cutting, forming, and welding services. Our latest metal fabrication solutions will be a perfect fit for your next project. We are reliable and affordable metal fabricators in California. We are capable of meeting our customer’s requirements in the processing, with proper equipment and workmanship, we offer fantastic work, and you can rely on us. 

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